TeamWork Volume 38, Issue 2 (Fall 2021)

Table of Contents

A Message from the President

This issue of TeamWork is the first one since I had the honor of being elected president of SEPTLA, and I’m pleased to have the opportunity to send this brief note to the SEPTLA community.

For the last several years, the last qualification listed on my job description has been the following: “Demonstrated flexibility, openness to change and innovation, and a tolerance for ambiguity.” Striving to bring these qualities to one’s daily work is always advisable, but this line has never been so applicable as it has been since March 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic fully reached our region. As our daily lives and work arrangements were disrupted, many of us undoubtedly became more acutely aware than ever of the privileges we enjoy by working in a profession where we have not only secure employment but also the option to work from home. Countless others regionally, nationally and globally are not so fortunate. At the same time, our opportunities for professional development, networking, and even simple interpersonal connection were largely cut off. For many of us, SEPTLA has provided a welcome avenue for such professional connections. With the exception of Spring 2020 as the pandemic hit, SEPTLA has continued to hold its usual biannual meetings, thanks not only to web conferencing technology but also to all those who planned, hosted and attended the meetings.

Following in that tradition, Fall Meeting 2021 will be held on Friday, October 29 over Zoom, hosted by United Lutheran Seminary. In addition to the business meeting and gatherings of our two active interest groups, we will welcome Christine Fruin, Scholarly Communication and Digital Projects Manager at Atla, for an update on Atla initiatives and a presentation on the state of open access and opportunities for engagement. See the invitation later in this newsletter for further details.

Anyone interested is welcome to attend the Fall Meeting, irrespective of whether your library is a SEPTLA member. I look forward to seeing you there.


Gregory Murray
Princeton, New Jersey
September 27, 2021

Save the Date for Fall 2021 Virtual Meeting

The Fall Meeting of SEPTLA will be held on Friday, October 29, 2021, 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM via web conferencing, hosted by United Lutheran Seminary. To receive details on connecting to the meeting, please submit the registration form. Anyone interested is welcome to attend, irrespective of whether your library is a SEPTLA member.

PLEASE NOTE: We typically set aside time at the end of the event for a representative from each library to give an update about their institution. For the Fall Meeting, we’ll keep that tradition but also try something new: providing updates in advance and including them in the Fall newsletter. Please use the registration form (link above) to provide an institutional update. Even if you can’t actually make it to the event, we’d like to share your news with the SEPTLA community. Updates typically include such things as institutional news, staff changes, leadership changes, status of building/collection access during the pandemic, etc. If we receive multiple updates from your institution, we will reach out to the director to combine responses.

The tentative schedule is as follows:

  • 10:00 Welcome
  • 10:05 - 11:15 Christine Fruin, Scholarly Communication and Digital Projects Manager, Atla — presentation on the current landscape in scholarly communication
  • 11:15 - 12:15 Break — Zoom room will remain open for socializing/networking
  • 12:15 - 12:45 Interest Group meetings (Research Services IG; Cataloging and Metadata IG)
  • 12:45 - 1:45 Business meeting and institutional updates

Agenda for the business meeting:

  • Approval of minutes from Spring Meeting 2021
  • Introductions
  • Announcements
  • Treasurer’s report
  • Interest group reports
  • Committee reports
  • Institutional updates


Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association 


Spring Meeting April 23, 2021 


Welcome and Opening Remarks 

The spring meeting of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association commenced via Zoom video conference at 10:00am.  

Virtual attendees included Clint Banz, Evan Boyd, James Brumm, Sarah Danser, Virginia Dearborn, Joy Dlugosz, Sandy Finlayson, Evelyn Frangakis, Sharon Gardoski, Jenifer Gundry, Melvin Hartwick, James Humble, Alan LaPayover, Robert McInnes, Michele Mesi, Patrick Milas, Elizabeth Young Miller, Greg Murray, Lydia Putnam, and Myka Kennedy Stephens. 


COVID 2.0 Discussion 

The first portion of the meeting commenced with a discussion led by Elizabeth Young Miller. Member institutions were prompted with questions regarding COVID-19 precautions, library reopening procedures, changes to workflow due to the pandemic, and post-COVID library procedures and asked to share at will. Elizabeth took notes to publish at a later date without identifying information attached. Topics regarding ILL, sanitation, remote reference, and digital resources were focal points.  

Interest Group Meetings 

Members broke into two separate groups-- research services interest group and cataloging and metadata interest group-- for approximately thirty minutes.  

Institutional News 

Report from New Brunswick Theological Seminary provided by Patrick Milas 

  • The DMin program and Certificate program will now be entirely online, even after the pandemic. NBTS may offer one in-person course this fall. The Sage Library will re-open. In the meantime, we are digitally preserving and availing online some of our rarest and uniquely NBTS historic materials (e.g., Superintendent's Minutes). This opportunity is a partnership between Princeton Theological Seminary Library and the Sage Library. To prepare space for the arrival of the Table Top Scribe from Princeton, Public Services and Digital Services collaborated extensively to weed reference books and process donations. The repurposed spaces will facilitate digitization and processing of the card catalog. In Public Services, many reference transactions have been completed. Six library tutorials were offered including “How to Find Course Reserves” and “Commentaries and Biblical Scripture Citations.” Inter-library loan services are also resuming. In Digital Services, many new and donated books were cataloged. Many existing records were deleted or fixed as new titles were added. These efforts included fixes on both the local end as well OCLC WorldShare holdings. The entire library staff will participate in Atla Annual this year. 

Report from Missio Seminary provided by Lydia Putnam 

  • Faculty and administration remain hopeful for on-site instruction in the fall, but this has yet to be confirmed. 
  • Missio welcomed a new employee to take over website management and curation. Missio is its 50th anniversary and will feature new content on their website for this event. 
  • Beginning in the fall semester, Missio will offer a new diploma program in addition to their degree programs.  

Report from Westminster Theological Seminary provided by Sandy Finlayson & Robert McInnes  

  • The WTS Library is open to the public so SEPTLA borrowers are now welcome. 
  • In person classes in the fall are expected but not yet confirmed.  
  • WTS library has vastly expanded databases and eBooks in the last year. The biggest accomplishment for the library has been the implementation of a "discovery service" run by EBSCO. Donna Campbell, the Technical Services Librarian, has led the project. 
  • The Seminary has a new website which has impacted the Library. All resources are now housed on one main page. 
  • Robert McInnis, Archivist and Research Services Librarian has just finished organizing the papers of the Hunt family who were Presbyterian missionaries in Korea and Manchuria. The collection spans 22 cubic feet and roughly a century of material. Usage of the collection is welcomed. If interested, please email library@wts.eduAt the present time, Robert’s assistant is in the process of transferring the metadata from the collection guide to an ArchivesSpace record. Once this process is complete, the guide to the collection will be available on the website. 
  • On a personal note, Sandy has a new book out Chief Scottish Man: The Life and Ministry of Thomas Chalmers.  It's available from WTS Books and from the publisher. 

Report from Lancaster Bible College provided by Clint Banz 

  • The Public Services Librarian will be vacating their position.  
  • Emphasis on online learning is expected to continue. The purchase and maintenance of ebooks and digital resources predate the pandemic. However, specific fields of study particular to the student population call for the purchase of individual titles to keep prices down. Subscription and database price increase 5% yearly, so limiting these resources is necessary.  
  • Library staff have been working on-site since August. 11 new COVID cases have been reported recently among both commuting and resident students.  
  • The school plans to open fully to public in May, and are offering online classes and limited events for the summer. No official plan to reopen the school fully in the fall has been announced yet. 

Report from Eastern University provided by Joy Dlugosz 

  • Meetings are ongoing regarding the topic of remote vs. in-person learning. 
  • The current Dean of the seminary is stepping down.  
  • The library has been working on creating a website and focusing on a new acquisitions initiative for social justice books and resources across the disciplines. Social justice articles and podcasts will be posted on the website for addressing current issues. The library is also exploring the possibility of an EDS subscription. 
  • The library will also focus on improving digital tutorials and guides after surveying students and faculty on resources needed.  
  • Library hours were previously lessened and may possibly be expanded once more over the summer.  

Report from Reconstructionist Rabbinical College provided by Alan LaPayover 

  • Courses have been held online since the previous fall semester, and the library has been open three times a week for limited hours. This is in addition to the remote library work carried out by staff as there is minimal in-person usage by students and faculty. 
  • The library is planning to potentially reopen for fall, but this is not yet confirmed. Alan remains sole librarian, installing enterprise over PAC to update look and functionality for users should be fully available in May. 
  • A hybrid curriculum will begin in the fall. Student enrollment is continually stabilizing and slowly increasing, impacting future finances. The school is also searching for a new Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Dean and are currently interviewing for the position.  

Report from Princeton Theological Seminary provided by Greg Murray 

  • PTS has announced that classes will be held in person in the fall. Students will be expected to reside on campus and required to be vaccinated while staff and faculty are strongly encouraged to get the vaccine.  
  • The library will open in limited capacity to PTS students and faculty in June, and open to all PTS students by the fall semester. There is not currently a timeline for opening the library to outside researchers, alumni, or the public.  
  • PTS library welcomes a new Cataloging Librarian within the next month, and a new head of Special Collections was welcomed last fall. 

Report from United Lutheran Seminary provided by Evan Boyd 

  • The library remains closed physically and reopening plans have yet to be announced. 
  • A new assistant archivist has been signed on and supposed will begin work in May, possibly remotely for a period of time. There are two open faculty searches that are interviewing beginning now and continuing for the next two weeks. In addition, ULS expects to announce a Louisville Institute Fellow added to the faculty for the next two years. 
  • ULS finished work on three NEH grant-funded digital projects. Lobby renovations on the Gettysburg campus are ongoing.  

Report from St. Charles Borromeo Seminary provide by James Humble 

  • The relocation of the school and library has been confirmed. The seminary signed for a plot of land from Gwynedd Mercy University. The area is removed from GMU’s main campus and St. Charles will remain an independent institution. The purchased land is already developed and prepared for use as a student center and dorm. They are currently in the canvassing/design stage with architects and expect to be open fully in 2024-25 semester at the new location. 
  • The current campus and library staff are working on weeding the collection, and marking items for a second weeding process based on usage statistics and faculty consultation. The hope is to reduce the physical collection by 40% to fit into the reduced library space at the new location. 
  • Programs have been running digitally throughout pandemic. The school has had some faculty changes including a search for a new Dean of Men from among current faculty. They are expecting to hire one new faculty member in theology in the coming year. 
  • A new night program was instituted for students along with a new lecture series run by faculty that hosts 8-10 virtual sessions.  

Report from Lancaster Theological Seminary provided by Myka Stephens  

  • LTS opened formal official talks with Moravian Seminary to combine the institutions. They have so far signed a nonbinding MOU. The boards of each school will meet in May to decide whether or not to move forward with the merge. LTS would continue operating on their current campus but join with Moravian Seminary to form a new Divinity School. Talks remain in progress.  
  • Reopening plans for the fall semester have begun, but no official decisions have yet been made. Myka announced that she will be on sabbatical at the start of the fall semester. 

Report from Moravian Theological Seminary provided by Elizabeth Young Miller  

  • The Rev. Dr. Heather Vacek will be the seminary's new dean, and she starts July 1.  The seminary also hired a professor of New Testament.   
  • The seminary's MACC program will change and become part of a mental health school that Moravian's president plans to open.  The institution is also in the process of transitioning to university status.  
  • The library has been open via card swipe access to current students, faculty, and staff since the start of the fall semester.  IT has moved into the lower level of the library.  On April 22, a reading nook on the main level of the library was dedicated in honor of Debra Gaspar, a longtime staff member in circulation and interlibrary loan, who died unexpectedly in January 2020. 

Business Meeting 

 Patrick Milas called to order the spring business meeting by making a motion to approve the agenda.  

Approval of the agenda 

Elizabeth Miller pointed out the need to include the Atla Conference scholarship announcement. A motion was made to approve the agenda. James Brumm seconded the motion. All member institutions present approved the agenda.  

Approval of minutes from Fall Meeting on October 16, 2020 (minutes available in Spring 2021 newsletter) 

A motion was made to approve the minutes with amendments. Robert McInnes seconded the motion. All member institutions present approved the minutes as amended. 


  • Treasurer’s Report – Evan Boyd reported that the balance was just below $13,000 currently. The complete treasury report can be found in Appendix A.  
  • Committee Report – Greg Murray reported on behalf of the Communications Committee that there were no changes to report.  Lydia Putnam reported on behalf of the Continuing Education Committee the she will be stepping down as chair. 
  • Executive Committee Report – Patrick Milas reported on behalf of the Executive Committee. The committee has met monthly since the fall 2020 meeting. All prior meeting minutes are available in the spring newsletter hosted on the SEPTLA website.


  • Patrick Milas is stepping down as President. Elizabeth Miller nominated Greg Murray, who accepted the nomination. Greg Murray was unanimously elected as the incoming SEPTLA President. 
  • Michele Mesi is stepping down as Secretary. Virgina Dearborn nominated Sarah Danser, who declined the nomination. Jenifer Gundry offered to volunteer as interim secretary until the role is filled. 
  • With Greg Murray vacating the position of Newsletter Editor, there was a call for volunteers. Michele Mesi volunteered to fill this position. 

Announcement of Atla Conference Scholarship Recipient 

Elizabeth Miller announced the winner of the Atla Conference Scholarship to be Michele Mesi. Due to the reduction of this year’s attendance fee to $75, there can be more scholarships allotted for in the budget. 

This concluded the spring meeting for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Association. 


Respectfully Submitted, 

Michele Mesi  


Appendix A – Treasury Report 


Beginning balance 21 July 2020  $12,958.86    

PNC Non-Profit Checking 

Note  Deposits  Date  Withdrawals  Posted       
            7/21  4,162.73    
Membership  75.00  8/11/2020     8/11  4,237.73    
Membership  75.00  9/25/2020     9/25  4,312.73    
Website     9/01/2020  (62.20)  10/21  4,250.53    
Website     10/19/2020  (62.20)  12/02  4,188.33    
Website     4/22/2021  (105.19)     4,083.14    

PNC Money Market 

Note  Deposits/Interest  Date  Withdrawals  Posted       
            7/21  8,796.13    
Interest  0.37  7/31     7/31  8,796.50    
Interest  0.33  8/31     8/31  8,796.83    
Interest  0.07  9/30     9/30  8,796.90    
Interest  0.07  10/30     10/30  8,796.97    
Interest  0.08  11/30     11/30  8,797.05    
Interest  0.07  12/31     12/31  8,797.12    
Interest  0.07  1/29     1/29  8,797.19    
Interest  0.07  2/26     2/26  8,797.26    
Interest  0.08  3/31     3/31  8,797.34    
Balance 23 Apr 2021  $12,880.48    
Expenses:        (229.59) 

Credits:         151.21 

Respectfully Submitted – Evan E Boyd 04/23/2021       




SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting 

March 23, 2021 

Zoom Video Conference 


Attendees: Vic Broberg, James Brumm, James Humble, Michele Mesi, Patrick Milas, Greg Murray, Lydia Putnam, Elizabeth Young Miller  

Excused: Evan Boyd, Myka Kennedy Stephens  

I. Consideration of Meeting Agenda 

Patrick called the meeting to order at 2:04 pm.  He asked if there were any additions and/or changes to the agenda.  Hearing none, Patrick made a motion to accept the agenda.  Greg moved and James Brumm seconded.  All voted in favor of the proposed agenda. 

II. Consideration of February 2021 EC Minutes 

Patrick asked if there were any changes to the minutes at this time.  Hearing none, Patrick made a motion to accept the minutes, which Jim Humble moved and James Brumm seconded. 

 III. Treasurer’s Report 

Since Evan was not present, a treasurer’s report was not given. 

IV. Spring Meeting 2021 

Host: Moravian Theological Seminary

Dates: April 23 or April 30

The decision was made to schedule the spring meeting for April 23.  This date may work better for several institutions; April 30 is Eastern Orthodox Holy Friday. 

V. Other Business

a. Based on the consensus from the Feb. EC & lack of keynote plans, a future professional development event on the topic of diversity would be great. 

b. 10 - 11:30 am Covid 2.0 discussion

  • Continuing the discussion on Covid seems warranted.  During our last meeting, Jim Humble had suggested sharing discussion questions in advance with attendees.  At the very least, we may want to identify some topics or areas of discussion, such as the following: 
    • Library services for distance learners 
    • Interlibrary loan (ILL) 
    • Faculty/library relations 
    • Student perceptions 
    • COVID as it relates to the broader campus community 
    • Special procedures (e.g. sanitization) 
  • Additionally, addressing the question James Brumm raised at the last Executive Committee meeting seems wise: Which practice begun during COVID needs to stay post-COVID?  Perhaps we want to have breakout rooms to discuss these questions. 

 c. Lydia is very busy with other projects at the moment and would like to resign as chair of the Continuing Education Committee. 

 d. Elizabeth suggested meeting via Zoom to brainstorm questions and topics related to the COVID discussion.  She will send an invitation to the entire Executive Committee. 

e. 11:30 - noon Interest Group meetings

  • Deacon Vic will be leading the Cataloging and Metadata Interest Group meeting, and James Brumm will be facilitating the Research Services Interest Group meeting.  Chairs for both interest groups will be elected at the fall meeting. 

f. Noon - 1 Break (lunch on your own or in breakout rooms)

  • Since the sharing of institutional news can take a while, it was decided to break for lunch from 12 to 12:30 and then begin sharing institutional news from 12:30 to 1 pm.  Additional time for institutional reports can be added to the end of the business meeting.  Brief institutional reports and/or written reports are  appreciated.  This sharing could also occur using the chat feature in Zoom.   
  •  Patrick mentioned a grant that New Brunswick received, which provides funds for food and hospitality.  New Brunswick has used some of this grant money for GrubHub vouchers.  Lydia shared that GrubHub vouchers could be a morale booster.  As treasurer, Evan would need to weigh in on the decision to offer SEPTLA attendees such vouchers.  

g. 1-2 Business Meeting

  •  Business meeting agenda planning; elections; diversity keynote opportunity for fall 2021; standard reports from officers and committees; others Elizabeth will solicit nominations for president and secretary.  There are also a number of openings on both the Continuing Education Committee and the Communications Committee.  Elizabeth will reach out to current members of the Continuing Education Committee as to their plans for the future and Patrick will do the same for the Communications Committee. 
  •  Patrick suggested that Evan share more information about the diversity keynote speakers with the SEPTLA membership. Perhaps institutions can identify blackout dates so that plans can begin for the fall meeting. 
  •  During the business meeting, reports from committees and interest groups can be  shared. 
  •  Elizabeth asked if the topic of individual membership would be discussed during the business meeting.  Patrick responded that it may be best to broach this topic during an  in-person meeting.  The formation of a task force assigned to this topic was briefly  discussed.  However, given the number of openings on the Executive Committee, it may be best to table this task force for the time being. 

 h. Greg will be creating a spring newsletter, containing the following: 

  • The spring meeting date 
  • Business meeting agenda 
  • Minutes from the fall SEPTLA meeting 
  • Minutes from recent Executive Committee meetings 

i. Elizabeth will send a “save the date” email to the SEPTLA listserv. 

j. Patrick will begin working on the meeting survey.  The next time the Executive Committee meets, we can discuss the survey, as well as nominations. 

VI. Brief Institutional Updates 

 a. Missio Seminary

  • Lydia reported about the happenings at Missio.  She shared that the seminary is celebrating its 50th anniversary with monthly webinars featuring alumni, as well as blog posts, videos, and graphics, all of which Lydia is helping with.  The hope is to hire  someone to assist with these projects, such as a recent graduate from a Christian  college.  Philadelphia is in a holding pattern with regard to restrictions, and the format for  fall classes is unknown at this time.  Missio is also exploring a diploma completion program that could serve as a stepping stone for other seminary programs.  The library experienced a second mold outbreak at the time of the move, due to recurring issues  with leaks and mold coming back on older books.

b. Moravian Theological Seminary

  • Elizabeth mentioned that change is the name of the game at Moravian.  It was announced that Rev. Dr. Heather Vacek will be the new dean of the seminary.  This fall, a new professor of New Testament will be joining the seminary.

c. New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS)

  • Patrick shared the good news that faculty and staff at New Brunswick can receive their COVID vaccination(s) at a nearby faith-based hospital.  There was a recent COVID case on campus, but fortunately, there are no cases in the library.  Shelving and weeding projects continue.  Michele is working on the cataloging backlog, as well as cataloging ebooks.  New Brunswick continues to prepare for both Middle States and ATS accreditation.  The Middle States accreditation will consist of a virtual visit on April 14.  Strategic planning and institutional assessment are also underway.

d. St. Charles Borromeo

  • Jim Humble noted that Easter break begins on Friday and testing will be conducted again once seminarians return from break.  The hope is to finish classes in-person.  No papers have been signed yet with regard to the relocation of the seminary.  However, the location will be near Gwynedd Mercy University.  Since the library will be smaller, Jim has begun weeding the collection.

e. Reformed Episcopal Seminary

  • Vic explained that the hybrid model is still in place, with all classes having a Zoom component.  The library is open by appointment only.

f. Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS)

  • Greg shared that not much has changed at Princeton Theological Seminary since the last Executive Committee meeting.  Evelyn recently updated the shared SEPTLA document highlighting library access and services during COVID.  Most likely, the library will open when the seminary reopens.  In the meantime, curbside service is available.

VII. Adjournment 

Patrick thanked everyone for attending the meeting and encouraged the committee to make a plug for serving SEPTLA.  Position descriptions for the Executive Committee can be found on SEPTLA’s website.  Patrick motioned to adjourn at 3:00 pm, which Lydia moved and Vic seconded.  The motion passed. 

SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting 

April 20, 2021 

Zoom Video Conference 


Attendees: Vic Broberg, James Brumm, James Humble, Michele Mesi, Patrick Milas, Greg Murray, Myka Kennedy Stephens, Elizabeth Young Miller  

I. Consideration of Meeting Agenda 

Patrick called the meeting to order at 2:02 pm.  He asked if there were any additions and/or changes to the agenda.  Elizabeth asked if the Atla conference scholarship could be added to the agenda, as well as Christine Fruin’s offer to provide SEPTLA with an Atla update.  Christine Fruin’s offer can be included during the spring meeting discussion.  Patrick made a motion to add these items to the agenda.  Greg moved and Deacon Vic seconded.  All voted in favor of the amended agenda. 

II. Consideration of March 2021 EC Minutes 

Patrick asked if there were any changes to the minutes at this time.  Hearing none, Patrick made a motion to accept the minutes, which Myka moved and Greg seconded.  The motion carried. 

III. Treasurer’s Report

Since Evan was not present, a treasurer’s report was not given.  

IV. Spring Meeting 2021 

  • Host: Moravian Theological Seminary
  • Date: April 23
  • Invitations were sent by the Host.

V. The Newsletter has been distributed/published. 

Thank you to Greg for compiling and sharing the newsletter. 

VI. Logistics 

a. Elizabeth asked if one Zoom link should be sent to attendees or multiple links for each segment of the meeting.  Myka suggested sending one link so that individuals can easily pop in and out as their schedules permit; this will also eliminate possible confusion as to which link to use.  Attendees can self-select breakout rooms, a feature which can be  used for the interest group meetings. 

 b. Elizabeth shared that for the COVID discussion there are a total of eight (8) slides with questions.  Since 90 minutes has been allotted for this conversation, spending  approximately ten (10) minutes per slide makes sense.  It was decided to have  participants raise their hands to speak instead of a round robin approach with  representatives from each institution sharing.  Attendees can also utilize the chat to  share information. 

VII. Christine Fruin’s offer to provide Atla update at Spring Meeting 

Christine Fruin reached out to Elizabeth about providing an Atla update during the spring meeting.  Patrick shared that she gave an update at the NYATLA meeting on Tuesday  and reminded everyone that she had been slated to present at the 2020 spring meeting,  which was cancelled due to COVID.  If Christine were to provide an update, it would  make the most sense to incorporate this information into the business meeting.   However, the business meeting agenda is already full.  Patrick will contact Christine  about presenting an Atla update at a later date. 

VIII. Meeting Agenda 

Greg explained that the business meeting agenda is included in the newsletter, but not  the schedule for the day.  He can update the newsletter to include this information or this information can be relayed with the Zoom link.  It was decided that Elizabeth will include the schedule in the email she sends with the Zoom details. 

 XI. Elections and Committee Member Update 

a. Patrick shared that some members of the Communications Committee are willing to  continue to serve.  Jim and Elizabeth will also remain on the Continuing Education  Committee.  Elizabeth has not received any nominations for president nor secretary.   

b. Greg graciously offered to serve as president.  Patrick will be delighted to nominate him.  With Greg assuming the presidency, we will need to find someone to serve as newsletter editor.  Michele kindly volunteered to serve in this role. 

 X. Bills 

Jim Humble shared that he has received two (2) bills.  One bill is for 1 & 1 and the other is for Network Solutions.  He will scan the bills and send them to Evan. 

XI. Atla Conference Scholarship Update

a. Elizabeth shared that one (1) application for the Atla conference scholarship was received, and she will reach out to Evan about a check.  Michele Mesi will be awarded  the scholarship in the amount of $75; the full price of the conference registration.  

b. Normally, the scholarship is for $300, but since the conference is online this year,  scholarship funds are only needed to cover conference registration.  Greg asked if  multiple people could receive the scholarship this year.  The consensus was yes,  especially since a scholarship was not awarded last year.  During the business meeting,  Elizabeth will call for a second round of applicants.  The budget could support up to four  (4) people being awarded funds this year. 

XII. Action Item: Survey Design and Implementation. 

Past surveys have included questions about the SEPTLA conference, as well as virtual  events, continuing education topics, and other institutions and/or librarians who may be  interested in joining SEPTLA.  It may be worth contacting Messiah College and Molloy  College to see if librarians at these institutions may be interested in attending a future  meeting.  Patrick will invite them to the spring SEPTLA meeting.  It was decided to reuse past survey questions and add the following question: If your institution has been  adversely affected by COVID-19, are there ways that SEPTLA and/or member  institutions can assist you?  Gauging ways to assist solo librarians is important.   Elizabeth will create the survey using Survey Monkey and share a link in the chat during  the Zoom meeting.  She will also send a follow up email to the listserv including the  survey link. 

XIII. Brief Institutional Updates 

a. New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS)

  • Patrick mentioned that accreditation is still the focus with visits from Middle States and ATS this year.  He also shared that NBTS is partnering with Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) on a summer digitization project.

b. St. Charles Borromeo

  • Jim Humble shared that St. Charles Borromeo recently signed an agreement to purchase land near Gwynedd Mercy University.  Soon the packing will begin.

c. Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS)

  • Greg shared that not much has changed at Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS) since the last Executive Committee meeting.  As Patrick mentioned, Greg is assisting with a digitization project at NBTS.  The library is planning a phased reopening that will begin sometime this summer.

d. Moravian Theological Seminary

  • Elizabeth mentioned that there is nothing new to report at Moravian.

XIV. Adjournment 

Patrick thanked everyone for attending the meeting, especially during this busy time of the semester.  He motioned to adjourn at 2:47 pm, which Jim Humble moved and James Brumm seconded.  The motion passed. 

SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting  

June 15, 2021 

Webex Video Conference 


Attendees: Greg Murray, Jenifer Gundry, James Brumm, Jim Humble, Michele Mesi, Vic Broberg, Patrick Milas 

Absent: Evan Boyd, Myka Kennedy Stephens  

I. Approval of meeting agenda 

Greg called the meeting to order at 1:06 PM. The agenda was approved without any objections.  

II. Approval of April 2021 EC Minutes 

The minutes of the 4/20 Executive Committee meeting were approved.  

III. Treasurer's Report 


IV. New business 

  1. Vacancies
  2. Secretary (normally elected at Spring Meeting; if vacant, appointed by Exec Comm; 1-year term)
  3. Continuing Education Committee chair (appointed by Exec Comm; 2-year term)
  4. Continuing Education Committee member (appointed by Exec Comm upon recommendation by Con Ed Comm chair; 2-year term) 

V. Fall Meeting

  1. Greg suggested inviting Christine Fruin to provide an Atla update for the Fall Meeting.  Patrick said he believed the offer stood, and was a good idea. 
  2. Documentation for transfer of knowledge
  3. Greg suggested using either the Google drive or creating a Wiki about SEPTLA position transitions. James Brumm thought continuing use of the Google Drive made the most sense. Patrick added that despite lack of documentation advising it, Greg needs to be added to the PNC account as the new President. Evan should be able to facilitate.
  4. Bylaws considerations: Executive Committee membership.
  5. Greg broached the idea of adding the Archivist to the Executive Committee. Jim mentioned his predecessor was not active on the EC. Jim added he would like to see some archives made into digital format. Greg thought a Task Force could be responsible for digitization, not solely the archivist. Patrick thanked Jim for his service and proposed adding Jim to the E.C.
  6. Greg explained that the Constitution should be amended to indicate that EC membership is addressed in the Bylaws. Then the E.C. could propose to amend the Bylaws to add the Archivist position to the Bylaws. James Brumm noted having the Archivist on the E.C. makes sense, and think about a term limit.
  7. Patrick suggested a change is necessary to continue the status quo of Jim’s active participation on the E.C.  Greg suggests we set the matter aside for a future meeting topic. Jim asked whether Greg would come up with some language for a motion, and Greg said he would do so. Greg plans to consider how that project may best proceed. Jim added that he plans to  take some time to review the archives. Patrick suggested a 4 year term limit for archivists.
  8. Google Drive access
  9. Patrick asked about adding officers other than President (g.Archivist) to the Google drive. The E.C. thought it was worthy of further consideration.
  10. Patrick asked about whether we were sufficiently digitally preserving the content on the SEPTLA website. James Brumm suggested using some removable hard drive. Greg added thatanythingon the website should be in the Google drive. There’s also the Wayback machine taking snapshots of the site.  

VI. Institutional updates

a. Reformed Episcopal Seminary 

  • Vic reported they hosted a small graduation in person and over Zoom. They are continuing classes as hybrids in the fall. They are excited about a new ILS launch. Vic will be starting an MLIS program through Valdosta State University in August.  

 b. New Brunswick Seminary 

  • Patrick reported there was an online commencement ceremony, and conferral ceremonies in small groups on campus. The Sage Library reopened to faculty on June 1. DMin students are welcome back  August 3. NBTS students welcome back August 16. Digitizing efforts continue.  

c. St. Charles Seminary 

  • Jim reported that the concursus ceremony took place, with 2 family members allowed per graduate. Graduation ceremony took place with only students and priest/faculty attending. Summer classes are on campus this summer. Nuns who come during summer were missed last year, but are coming back now through the end of July. Fall courses will be in person. Debates about vaccinations are ongoing. St. Charles bought a plot of land. Architects are building the case for a large presence for the library in the new student life building. Lots of collection reduction plans taking place. New campus to open in 2024.  

 d. Princeton Seminary 

  • Greg reported the library opened on 6/14 for current faculty, students and staff. Swipe cards required. It’s a start to rejoice in. Jen shared that there are new staff members. There’s a new cataloger, Nicholas Friesner, who started in May. The Circulation department welcomed 2 new part-time employees.  

 VII. Adjournment

Greg wondered if summer meetings should be bimonthly or monthly. We shall consider further. The meeting adjourned at 2:01pm.  

SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting

August 16, 2021

Webex Video Conference


Attendees: James Brumm, James Humble, Michele Mesi, Patrick Milas, Greg Murray, Jenifer Gundry, Evan Boyd, Myka Kennedy Stephens, and Vic Broberg.

I. Changes to and approval of agenda

Greg called the meeting to order at 2:15 pm. Greg explained that the Treasurer’s Report and Institutional Updates need to be added. He asked if there were any additions and/or changes to the agenda. Hearing none, Greg declared the agenda approved as amended.

II. Changes to and approval of minutes from June 15 meeting

Greg asked if there were any changes to the minutes at this time. Hearing none, Greg declared the minutes approved.

III. Vacancies

a. Secretary

  1. One nomination: Virginia Dearborn
  2. James motioned. Motion carried by acclamation.

b. Continuing Education Committee chair and member

  1. Greg emailed SEPTLA library directors; no nominations received. Greg asked: should we post to SEPTLA mailing list and/or target individuals, or wait until Fall Meeting?
  2. Evan will ask 2 new staff if they are interested.
  3. Greg will post to the list.

IV. Fall Meeting

Greg broached the idea of remote or in-person. Jim would prefer in-person, in theory. Myka asked if we could do a hybrid meeting? Consensus was that meeting in person would be premature due to the ongoing public health situation. Evan said that if ULS hosted, they have equipped Zoom rooms. Princeton does not have clarity about guests on campus. Evan spoke further about hosting by ULS. Evan will explore hosting on October 22 or some other time.

Greg heard from Christine Fruin about an Atla update. Without a ConEd chair, we should take the offer from Atla. Greg asked what folks thought. Patrick was in favor. Evan suggested a focus on digital initiatives from Atla, and Greg voiced support. Greg will contact Christine to ask for a general update with a focus on digital initiatives.

V. Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s report was distributed by Evan Boyd. The main expense was for Atla conference participation scholarships. Evan proposed resuming dues collection beginning this fall.

VI. Adding Archivist to Executive Committee

  1. Greg explained that adding the Archivist to the E.C. will require amending both the constitution and the bylaws. Greg proposed announcing this at the fall business meeting using a Google form to approve "by email or other digital means over a 7-day period." The E.C. was in favor.
  2. Digitization of SEPTLA archives
  3. Jim Humble offered to chair a task force. Greg offered to serve on the task force. Evan Boyd explained that ULS could host the digitized content through an existing arrangement. Evan also volunteered for the task force. Myka moved to form a task force. James Brumm seconded the motion. It was approved by the E.C. Jim will begin to take the lead of the task force and ask library directors if they have any interested staff.
  4. Google Drive access
  5. Greg asked if the Archivist or anyone else should have access to the Google Drive. Myka noted that it makes sense to add Jim as Archivist but that it’s unnecessary to add others (such as website manager and newsletter editor) because they can still collaborate on individual documents without access to the entire drive. There was consensus to add Jim Humble to the Google Drive.

VII. Other Business

a. Myka asked folks to revisit status changes on the shared form.

b. Greg thanked Jenifer Gundry for her service as interim Secretary since the Spring Meeting. Virginia Dearborn will complete the remainder of the one-year term.

VIII. Institutional Updates

a. New Brunswick Theological Seminary (NBTS)

  • Laura Giacobbe has moved to Kean University. New position for Access Services and Reference Librarian is posted on the NBTS website.

a. St. Charles Borromeo

  • St. Charles is on track to move to a new campus by fall 2024.

c. Princeton Theological Seminary (PTS)

  • More will be revealed about PTS level of access and staffing.

d. Lancaster Theological Seminary

  • Myka mentioned that they will in a merger with Moravian. LTS staff departing today for an SLMS position out of state. Classes starting on Friday.

e. United Lutheran Seminary

  • ULS now has an archivist, after a year of effort.

IX. Adjournment

Greg thanked everyone for attending the meeting, especially Myka during her sabbatical. The meeting adjourned at 3:07 p.m.


SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting

September 17, 2021

Webex Video Conference


Attendees: James Brumm, Michele Mesi, Patrick Milas, Greg Murray, Virginia Dearborn, Evan Boyd, Myka Kennedy Stephens, and James Humble.

Absent: Michele Mesi and Vic Broberg

Changes to and approval of agenda

Greg called the meeting to order at 2:03 pm. Greg asked if there were any changes to make to the agenda. Hearing none, Greg declared the agenda approved as distributed.

Changes to and approval of minutes from August 16 meeting

Greg asked if there were any changes to the minutes at this time.  Hearing none, Greg declared the minutes approved.


  1. Secretary
    1. Virginia Dearborn joins the E.C. at this meeting as the new Secretary.
  2. Continuing Education Committee chair and member
    1. Remains vacant. Evan has a staff member interested (Victoria Jesswein) in serving on the committee.

Fall Meeting

Friday, October 29; online, hosted by United Lutheran Seminary

Schedule: presentation by Christine Fruin of Atla, interest group meetings, Business Meeting

Greg asked about the best way to convey Zoom details for the meeting. Evan suggested a Google form or Office form. Evan agreed to set up a form for the meeting. Once prepared, the save-the-date notice can be sent to the SEPTLA mailing list.

Greg will meet with Michele to transition Newsletter Editor duties.

Greg plans to prepare some information about the meeting and send it to Evan and Michele.

Evan explained how the Philadelphia Area Special Collections and Libraries group provides institutional updates in  its newsletters, and the possibility of doing the same (rather than taking time for this during the business meeting). Greg will work with Michele on that document.

James asked if he could present about the Archives Task Force during the Business Meeting. The E.C. was in favor.

Adding Archivist to Executive Committee

Greg observed that as a Chair of a Task Force, James Humble would continue to serve on the E.C. So we could defer a Bylaws and Constitution change until later. James said that to ensure the Archivist is on the E.C. going forward, a change is necessary. Greg explained that a future Archivist may not wish to attend all E.C. meetings.

Evan asked if we should save proposed Bylaws changes to do several changes at once at the spring meeting. Myka recalled and Patrick confirmed that membership categories, in particular the addition of an individual membership type, were recently of interest. Myka also mentioned there was an idea of hiring an administrator to help plan meetings. It may have been deferred due to budget concerns.

Greg asked if Evan proposed deferring changes to the Bylaws until the spring. Patrick mentioned NYATLA brought up disbanding this week. Greg asked if NYATLA was metro-area only, or all of NY. Patrick said Yale is in Conn. Virginia said these concerns speak to deferring Bylaws changes. Evan said let’s invite them. Is SEPTLA just metro-Philly? Myka said it could add Pittsburg. Evan said the Bylaws do not define the SEPTLA region, but the Constitution specifies “eastern Pennsylvania and the adjacent mid-Atlantic area”, which could include NY, maybe Connecticut. The E.C. concluded we should simply invite NYATLA members to the fall SEPTLA meeting since it will be a virtual meeting and since the program portion (presentation by a representative from Atla) is also relevant to NYATLA.

Institutional/Personal Updates

New Brunswick Seminary

Patrick Milas said that Sage Library reopened to faculty and students with swipe card access. The search continues for an Access Services and Reference Librarian. James Brumm said he’s no longer in the library, so at the next Research Services Interest Group meeting, he plans to call for nomination for a successor.

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary

Jim’s supervisor is retiring. Jim may be tasked with some of her duties, including more assessment, art collection, IT. Jim is excited by the opportunity. She will continue to consult during the transition.

Princeton Seminary

Greg affirmed PTSL is open only to students, faculty and staff. Have to swipe in. There’s a new Head of Public Services - Chris Anderson coming  from Yale Divinity library. Virginia affirmed that library staff are utilizing  hybrid schedules (working on-site at least 3 days per week). New instructional videos are flourishing.

United Lutheran Seminary

Evan said that the Hymn Society Library collection was integrated at LTS at some point. He is exploring what to do with it.


The meeting adjourned. Greg asked about whether to have a meeting next month so close to the fall meeting. James Humble proposed scheduling one tentatively that could be foregone. The E.C. thought it good to schedule one. Greg plans to send a Doodle poll for one.

SEPTLA Fall Meeting 2021 Minutes


Fall Meeting October 29, 2021

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Theological Library Association met via Zoom video conference, hosted by United Lutheran Seminary.


Evan Boyd (United Lutheran Seminary), James Brumm (New Brunswick Theological Seminary), Sarah Danser (Princeton Theological Seminary), Virginia Dearborn (Princeton), Evelyn Frangakis (Princeton), Sharon Gardoski (Clarks Summit University), Melvin Hartwick (Princeton), James Humble (St. Charles Borromeo Seminary), Alan LaPayover (Reconstructionist Rabbinical College), Rachel McConnell (Missio Seminary), Robert McInnes (Westminster Theological Seminary), Michele Mesi (New Brunswick), Patrick Milas (New Brunswick), Elizabeth Young Miller (Moravian Theological Seminary), Greg Murray (Princeton), Lydia Putnam (Missio), and from Fordham University (NYATLA) Geraldine Granahan, Jane Suda and John Williams.


Greg, current SEPTLA President, welcomed everyone, thanked Evan and United Lutheran Seminary for hosting, and introduced our guest presenter, Christine Fruin, Scholarly Communication and Digital Initiatives Manager, Atla.

Guest Presentation

Christine gave us an update on Atla including cooperative member programs and resources, grant opportunities, events and professional development opportunities, annual conference, open access publications, Atla Digital Library and ways to connect and learn on demand. The second and main part of the presentation pertained to the current scholarly communication landscape, including copyright and fair use, controlled digital lending, open access publishing, open education, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and resources and opportunities for theological librarians.

Interest Group Meetings

After a break for lunch, each of the interest groups met in separate Zoom breakout rooms: Research Services, and Cataloging and Metadata. The chair of Cataloging and Metadata wasn’t in attendance and the chair of Research Services announced that as he is no longer in the library at New Brunswick, so he needs to step down. However, both groups summarized their conversations.

Business Meeting 

Greg opened the fall business meeting at 1:06pm, and our guests from Fordham University excused themselves with thanks again for being invited.

Approval of Minutes from Spring Meeting 2021

With nine member libraries represented, a quorum (representatives of at least half of the SEPTLA member libraries) was present. James Brumm moved to approve the minutes, Evan seconded and the attendees approved.


  • The Executive Committee has appointed Virginia as Secretary, following Jenifer Gundry’s service as interim Secretary
  • Evelyn has joined the Continuing Education Committee
  • The Executive Committee has authorized a new task force. James Humble, SEPTLA Archivist, spoke about the need to evaluate the SEPTLA archives to determine a plan for digitization for preservation and (as Lydia noted) access. He invited members to contact him with interest in joining the task force.
  • Reminders from the Executive Committee:
    • Direct Borrowing Privileges Agreement (a.k.a. reciprocal borrowing), a core component of SEPTLA membership, remains in effect despite disruptions caused by the pandemic; members are encouraged to comply with requests as much as their current level of service allows
    • Members are encouraged to keep their institutional information up to date as circumstances evolve regarding levels of service and building access, using the COVID-19 SEPTLA Member Library Information document, linked from the SEPTLA website
    • SEPTLA has a Slack workspace ( with various channels to facilitate committee communication and generally connecting with colleagues

Treasurer’s Report

Evan reported two scholarships were paid out along with our usual website server fees. Membership dues will resume at the end of January 2022. He also reminded members that there are funds available to bring in outside speakers for continuing education/professional development.

Committee Reports

Executive Committee

Greg reminded everyone that the minutes of Executive Committee meetings are included in the newsletter on the SEPTLA website.

Communications Committee

Michele Mesi has become Newsletter Editor. Myka Kennedy Stephens continues to serve as Website Manager. Michele reminded attendees to please review information about their libraries on the SEPTLA website (including on the COVID-19 SEPTLA Member Library Information document), and also that there is a Slack workspace and the listserv for internal communication.

Continuing Education Committee

There is no chair for this committee right now, but the members may wish to meet in the coming months to consider programming for Spring Meeting 2022.

Institutional Updates

A representative from each member library in attendance gave a summary of the following written updates (which will also be added to the Fall 2021 issue of the SEPTLA newsletter).

Cairn University

Caleb Daubenspeck is finishing his final courses at St. Johns University and has been promoted to Reader Services Librarian. 

Over the summer, the library completed phase 2 of the library renovation with a focus on services (glassed student collaboration/conference room), redesigned front desk and reference desk, and built staff offices on the lower level of the building. 

For the systems side of the library it has been a busy spring/summer/fall: As a member of PALCI, Cairn was part of the first RESHARE group which utilizes the FOLIO software for ILL lending. We are now live on FOLIO ERM and currently working towards a full migration of FOLIO by summer 2022. 

Finally, we are beginning our self-study for MSCHE, with a planned visit in Spring 2024. Stephanie Kaceli will co-chair this team (and is attending the SSI rather than meeting with you on October 29).

Clarks Summit University

The Murphy Memorial Library at Clarks Summit University is back to full operations and activities on campus. It is good to see more students using the library again. We have begun working on the Middle States Self-Study process.

This year we began promoting our newly created Murphy Memorial LibGuide to assist students in finding and using library resources. We are also updating our Staff LibGuide with detailed procedures for all tasks. We started using student Team Leaders to train new student staff and manage some library projects.

This fall, we added Business Source Premier to our library databases to support the growing business program, and we made the transition from self-hosted EZproxy to hosted. This not only makes it easier for students to access databases off campus, but it also provides support from outside our school and takes that burden off our IT department.

Pastors and professors donated quality commentaries, Bibles, and theology books to our library which we sold at a fall book sale. Alumni, pastors, and students were thrilled to get inexpensive resources for their ministries, donors were pleased that their books will be used, and sale proceeds will be used to purchase new books and ebooks for the library.

Ongoing projects include identifying outdated books for discarding, copying chapel messages from the 1980s from cassettes to mp3, and making our students’ dissertations discoverable in the online catalog.

Missio Seminary

Missio Seminary is holding all classes online this fall with plans to return to classes on campus with a hybrid option for Spring 2022. While building use has been low with the pandemic, our partnership with the Digital Theological Library has been a vast resource including the ability to easily acquire electronic course reserves for remote access. One unexpected plus of the pandemic has been significant increase of student use and skills with digital access.

Moravian Theological Seminary

Moravian Theological Seminary is now part of Moravian University--the status of the institution changed over the summer from a college to a university.  On July 1, Moravian Seminary welcomed a new vice president and dean, the Rev. Dr. Heather Vacek.  Also in July, Moravian and Lancaster Theological Seminary received formal approval to combine.  Classes for undergraduates and graduate students are being offered in various formats and the library is open regular hours.

New Brunswick Theological Seminary

Sage Library at NBTS completed MSCHE and ATS self-studies this year. The MSCHE visit was wholesome, fulfilling, and favorable. The ATS visit will be in February. Public Services Librarian Laura Giacobbe left Sage Library for a position at Kean University where she plans to pursue a doctorate. 

The Library Committee reenvisioned the Public Services Librarian position, and undertook a search process for an Access Services and Reference Librarian. The search has completed. We are pleased Deanna Roberts from the Burke Library at Union Seminary will be joining Sage Library staff next month. 

In summer 2021, Digital Services Librarian Michele Mesi took the lead on a digitization pilot project, digitizing unique 19th and 20th century documents relevant to the history of NBTS. The documents will be accessible via the Internet Archive and the Theological Commons. 

This fall the Library reopened to current students and faculty with swipecard access. Milas has led circulation staff development/management and reopening protocols. Mesi has been coordinating fall reserves, in-print and online, and in-person/digital reference. It has gone smoothly, though in-person library use remains light. 

Library Director Patrick Milas wrote “Financial Management and Record-keeping” for The Theological Librarian’s Handbook (Vol. II): Administration in Theological Libraries. He also taught “Spirituality of the Twelve Steps” as part of the grant initiative “Science for Seminaries” with the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Milas plans to be on paternity leave the first quarter of 2021.

Princeton Theological Seminary

As part of the Seminary’s slavery audit and subsequent reparation recommendations, in October the library was renamed for Theodore Sedgwick Wright, the first African-American graduate of the Seminary and prominent abolitionist and pastor. More information about the Wright Library renaming may be found at

For the fall term 2021, the library and campus are open to the PTS community of faculty, students and staff. As the library is able to bring new staff on board to catch up with the pre-covid era retirements, its aim is to restore services to pre-pandemic levels.  

The library welcomed two new staff members since the spring meeting: 

Nicholas Friesner joined us as Cataloging Librarian in May. Nicholas comes to PTS with experience cataloging across multiple formats and languages in academic libraries, most recently at Brown University and, prior to that, at Johns Hopkins University and Yale Divinity Library. Nicholas has both a BA and PhD from Brown University as well as a master’s degree from Yale Divinity School. 

Chris Anderson became the library’s Head of Public Services this month. In this role Chris serves as the reference librarian and oversees library instruction services as well as the Circulation Department. Chris comes to the Seminary from Yale’s Divinity Library, where he was Head of Special Collections for five years. Prior to that Chris served in several lead administrative roles in Drew University’s Library. Chris has been an ordained minister, has taught at the graduate level, and has a PhD from Drew University. 

A library team is reviewing how PTS can improve its descriptive practices in local or LCSH subject headings in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Since SEPTLA libraries share similar or overlapping sets of subject headings and collection, PTS invites conversation with other SEPTLA libraries about their work and practices in this area. The main contact person for this work is Jenifer Gundry (

Reconstructionist Rabbinical College

RRC welcomed our new Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Amanda Beckenstein Mbuvi. Fall semester began on 9/2 with a recent record enrollment of 54 students, most of whom are studying on site. Classes are being held in person and on Zoom. The Library is beginning to learn how to adapt to our new hybrid curriculum which will eventually be seeing our year 4 and 5 students working and learning in internships all around the country. Any advice on how to adapt the Library to a hybrid curriculum, especially from those who have done it, would be greatly welcome.

St. Charles Boromeo Seminary

St. Charles Borromeo Seminary is proceeding with its plan to relocate to a plot of land in Gwynedd Valley. The new campus will feature two dorms, a student center, and a chapel. In the current designs, the library is situated under the chapel. We expect to do some weeding to fit the library's collection within the new parameters. Cait Kokolus has retired from her role as Vice President for Assessment and Information Technology. Her duties have been reassigned to several administrators, including James Humble, who, in addition to continuing as library director, will serve as Assessment Liaison Officer for the Seminary, as curator of the art collection, and as a point person for IT response team.

United Lutheran Seminary

United Lutheran Seminary has had an eventful Fall semester. The inauguration of the Rev. Dr. R. Guy Erwin was held in October, with events held in Philadelphia, Lancaster, and Gettysburg. An altered Luther Bowl, called Luther Ball, was held at the end of October, celebrating the cross-campus communities and Reformation Day. ULS Library has hired a new Assistant Archivist, Victoria Jesswein, who is located on our Gettysburg campus and is in charge of the day to day work around seminary, church, and Region 8 Synod Archives of the ELCA. ULS has also been able to hire a new Associate Professor of Public Theology, the Rev. Dr. Teresa Smallwood, and Dr. Junehee Yoon has joined us as Visiting Assistant Professor of Theological Ethics and Louisville Institute Postdoctoral Fellow. ULS Library has been active adding its archival materials to ArchivesSpace and is slowly developing digital collections on two platforms, found at ULS Digital Collections.


The business meeting, as well as the general meeting, concluded at 1:42pm.