SEPTLA Business Meeting Minutes, Fall 2017

SEPTLA Business Meeting

Lancaster Bible College

October 4, 2017


Present: Clint Banz, Hannah Bingman-Forshey, Evan Boyd, Russ Buchanan, Donna Campbell, Meredith Castor, Julie Dawson, Virginia Dearborn, Melvin Hartwick, Jim Humble, Myka Kennedy Stephens, Gerald Lincoln, Patrick Milas, Elizabeth Miller, Ondrea Murphy, Gregory Murray, Bethany O’Shea, Lydia Putnam, Samantha Rice, Donna Roof, Jim Sauer, Michael Skor, Marvin Smith

SEPTLA President Myka Kennedy Stephens called the meeting to order at 2:30 p.m. The staff of Lancaster Bible College were thanked by all gathered for their generous hospitality and accommodations for the meeting.

The minutes of the last general membership meeting on April 21, 2017 were presented. No changes were put forth. They were approved as is.

Patrick Milas gave the Treasurer’s Report. The balance of the checking account was $2,955.76. The balance of the Money Market account was $6,703.27. The total balance was $9,659.03. Discussion followed about what the funds are used for. SEPTLA has a few regular expenses incurred by the website and for biannual meetings. The rest is being saved for when the ATLA Annual Conference is next held in our area.

Ondrea Murphy gave the Continuing Education Committee’s Report. Sites and topics for the Spring 2018 meeting were suggested.

Virginia Dearborn gave the Communications Committee Report. Progress is being made toward an online newsletter and membership networking tool.

Melvin Hartwick gave the Cataloging and Metadata Interest Group Report. Chris Schwartz will continue to serve as chair of the interest group for another year.

Bethany O’Shea gave the Research Services Interest Group Report. She is the newly elected chair of this interest group.

Since the last meeting, United Lutheran Seminary (ULS) was formed by the merging of Lutheran Theological Seminary Philadelphia and Lutheran Theological Seminary Gettysburg. United Lutheran Seminary’s membership in SEPTLA was affirmed due to the active status and good standing of both predecessor institutions at the time of ULS’s establishment. Evan Boyd, director of the library, was welcomed by all present.

Also since the last meeting, Patrick Milas volunteered to serve as Treasurer. As stipulated in the Bylaws, Patrick was appointed Treasurer by the Executive Committee during their meeting on May 22, 2017. Patrick’s appointment was confirmed by the general membership present.

Myka Kennedy Stephens asked for volunteers willing to serve in a few vacant positions. Jim Humble stepped forward to serve as a member of the Continuing Education Committee. James Sauer and Samantha Rice stepped forward to serve as members of the Membership Task Force. The opening for Archivist remained unfilled.

News was shared by the institutional members present: Biblical Theological Seminary, Palmer Theological Seminary at Eastern University, United Lutheran Seminary, Reformed Episcopal Seminary, Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary, Westminster Theological Seminary, Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster Theological Seminary, Moravian Theological Seminary, Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, New Brunswick Theological Seminary, and Princeton Theological Seminary.

There was no additional business to be discussed.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.

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