SEPTLA Spring 2020 Meeting Postponed

After careful consideration, NYATLA and SEPLTA leaders have decided to postpone the Joint NYATLA-SEPTLA Spring 2020 Meeting until further notice. This meeting was originally scheduled for April 16, 2020 at New Brunswick Theological Seminary.

As much as appropriate, we trust we shall continue to collaborate from a distance as many of us adapt our library services to feature digital resources.

We look forward to future opportunities to meet. We wish you and your libraries the very best.

TeamWork Volume 35 Issue 1 (Spring 2018)

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SEPTLA Spring 2018 Meeting Invitation – Join us for our spring meeting at Cairn University on May 11, 2018

SEPTLA Consortia Survey – The Resource Sharing Task Force would like to hear from you before our spring meeting

President’s Message, April 2018

SEPTLA Business Meeting Agenda for May 11, 2018

SEPTLA Business Meeting Minutes, Fall 2017

SEPTLA Membership Task Force Report

Executive Committee Minutes, December 2, 2017

Executive Committee Minutes, March 2, 2018

Executive Committee Minutes, December 2, 2017

SEPTLA Executive Committee Meeting - December 6, 2017 - Teleconference - Meeting Minutes

In attendance: Myka Kennedy Stephens, Elizabeth Miller, Mark Draper, Bethany O’Shea, Christine Schwartz, Virginia Dearborn, Patrick Milas, Ondrea Murphy


Myka welcomed those in attendance to the meeting. She opened with a request for someone to take meeting minutes. Ondrea from NBTS offered to take the minutes.

Approval of Agenda

Approved by general consensus.


Myka announced a change in the executive committee membership. Jen Gundry has stepped down from her position as Past President effective immediately. Samantha Rice the current SEPTLA secretary was nominated to assist with Past President duties that included taking minutes of executive committee and other duties as assigned.
The motion carried.

Approval of Minutes

Approval of the August meeting minutes with minimal typographical errors corrected was approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Patrick presented the Treasurer’s Report: $2917.48 Checking & $6706.69 Money Market.

Resource Sharing Task Force – Mark Draper

Mark reported that the committee had not had a chance to meet officially due to schedule conflicts. He would like to extend the process in to the spring. He has asked that the committee report back for the February executive committee meeting. By that point he will have had a chance to meet with committee etc.

Mark proposed that a discussion of where member institutions are via electronic resources take place at the spring meeting. He believes a broader conversation should occur to confirm what is most needed by larger group.

Group discussion ensued about polling the membership before the spring meeting. Several suggestions from committee members included surveying the membership about their institutions use of electronic resources.

Mark also shared his pulling into the discussions Gerald Lincoln. Both Evan Boyd and Donna Campbell were other members suggested by committee.

Mark ended report that he would be meeting with his committee before the next executive committee meeting and would have more to report.

Organizational Matters

A. Survey results – only 11 responses.

Virginia asked what the preferred format of Teamwork be for next issue – will discuss as the next Executive meeting.
Discussion about sending out another survey to allow members to identify themselves as interested in being a mentor or mentee.

Specified interest in more discussion of resources for distance education students.

B. Bookmarks – Update needed and probably time for a new printing.

Elizabeth spoke about taskforce reaching out to other institutions about joining SEPTLA so to wait for printing. Virginia mentioned giving a mock-up version to make available to print in-house until the next printing.

Spring 2018 Meeting

Ondrea updated committee that Cairn University would be available as the host institution for the spring meeting. Stephanie Kaceli requested a May date for easier scheduling. BTS could be an alternate location if necessary.

Two possible dates decided on by Committee: 5/2 & 5/11.

The morning program will feature a FOLIO (EBSCO) presentation followed by a question and answer session.
Mark suggested adding time for discussion for the Task Force. Discussion continued regarding polling the membership before the spring meeting.

Other Business

A. Interest Group updates

TSIG – Christine Schwartz shared her committee report. Possible topics for spring include discussion about NACO training.

RIG – Patrick Milas to continue transition and discussion with new Chair, Bethany O’Shea.
Membership Task Force – Elizabeth Miller shared about the progress of the Task Force and future action items to be worked on.

B. Upcoming Meetings

Next Executive Committee Meeting to be held in February.

Meeting Adjourned

TeamWork, volume 34, issue 1

Our latest newsletter includes minutes from our past meetings, the final report from the SEPTLA Future Task Force, and several proposed amendments to SEPTLA’s Constitution and Bylaws. Download the PDF here: TeamWork 34:1, Spring 2017

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